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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Crude: Must watch TV this Thursday at 8:30pm

Crude – the incredible journey of oil. Where does it come from? When will it run out? Where is it driving us? This extraordinary documentary travels through time: from the birth of oil deep in the dinosaur-inhabited past, to its ascendancy as the indispensable ingredient of modern life.

Now, as we crest the peak of production, Crude reveals a disturbing irony: the latest scientific evidence suggests that our headlong rush to exploit the remaining reserves will lead us down a dangerous road to the future. A road the planet has travelled before...

Simply marvellous…tremendously important … if you want to understand climate change this is must watch TV” – DR TIM FLANNERY – palaeontologist, Australian of the Year (2007) and author of The Weather Makers

“A thoughtful, surprising and really important film” – DR DAVID SUZUKI – author and presenter of The Nature of Things, CBC Canada

See it on ABC TV Thursday May 24th at 8:30pm

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